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Can I Borrow A Book


Can I Borrow A Book?

I do a thing called #caniborrowabook in which I ask a diverse and intelligent selection of people to expand my horizons with book of theirs to read. 

Some people choose a book that is meaningful to them. Some choose a book they think will be meaningful to me. Some people just pick randomly off the book shelf or grab whichever book is within reach. The choice is completely up to them.

I've collected the books below.

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Together is Better by Simon Sinek

From John T. Meyer, CEO of Lemonly

"The title says it all. It's a quick, but dangerously powerful read. And I love pictures too!"


Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

From Aaron Mentele, CEO of Electric Pulp

"If you haven't read Creativity, Inc. it'll blow your mind."


From Ted Heeren, Founder of Fresh Produce

"Wes Jackson combines old-time wisdom with new-time ideas in sustainable agriculture, things I know you're interested in."


Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen

From My Wife

"I thought it was funny. And you're funny so..."


From Joe Bartmann, President of Dakota Resources

Joe found this book at a vacation rental in northern Minnesota. He liked it so much he stole it and sent a new copy back to the owner.


Shrill by Lindy West

From Abby Bischoff,
Executive Director of the Stockyards Ag Experience

“I want everyone to read it because I don’t know that I’ve ever felt a writer understand me as well. And I think as humans we all just want to be understood.”