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2020 Presidential Election Websites


A collection of the homepages…just for fun.


A new Democratic candidate seems to announce a run for President every other day, so hopefully this list isn’t premature. As it stands, 21 Democrats and 2 Republicans [EDIT: since publishing this post, two more democratic candidates have announced] will duke it out to see be the next president.

With 23 [EDIT: now 25] suitors, we’ve got a robust set of candidate websites to compare.

In this batch you’ll see a lot of similarities stemming from general campaign best practices such as prominent donation calls-to-action and pop-up newsletter windows.

The differences come when—as is always the case with political identity work— campaigns wrestle with how to use or not use red, white, blue, stars, and stripes. In some cases, the most notable identities are the ones who avoid them altogether by using pink, gold, green, black.

So study up. We’ve a big test ahead of us.


Presidential Candidate Websites in Alphabetical Order



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