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A Look Ahead: What to Expect from AIGA in 2019


2018 was good. 2019 will be better. See how AIGA SD plans to capitalize on the design community’s momentum.


Oh dear. I accidentally wrote a year-end recap post.

I didn’t mean to. Honestly.

I just wanted to write a little preview of the exciting things that we have planned for AIGA SD in 2019. But in doing so, I found myself reflecting on all of last year’s events. And in doing that, I found myself reflecting on where we were in 2017, when the new AIGA board tried to breathe new life into an organization that seemed to have let off the gas pedal. I reflected so hard, in fact, that I wrote another post about it. Sigh.

Anyway, back to the exciting things we have planned. The following is a recap of our efforts in 2018 and our dreams for 2019.

Thanks to everyone who makes our design community so great.

2018 Recap


Technically, this event happened in 2017, but I’m including it here because it was one of the first things that happened after the new Board convened. Aaron Draplin came to Sioux Falls and set the tone for the year ahead. He’s a charismatic, generous speaker and did a workshop at Fernson and a presentation that night. The turn out was amazing and showed us just how many designers could come out of the woodwork.



We kicked off the year with a community meeting, where designers collaborated in workshop fashion to identify and share what they wanted to get out of AIGA in the new year. We heard a desire for learning, inspiration, social events, community involvement and other things that drove our activities for the year.



Drink & Draw was by far our most active and energetic draw this year. We did a total of seven events that alternated between Fernson and The Source. They were an informal opportunity for designers to socialize, meet new people, and get out of the house.



In 2018, we saw the Sioux Falls Design Center put on handful of shows throughout 2018 including a stellar student show. The main show of note for AIGA, though, would be the Exposure Gallery Graphic Design show. It has become a recognizable feature in Sioux Falls and brings local designers together to celebrate local icons, places, and things with original design. Exposure Gallery is no longer with us, but the spirit will live on.



In addition to national speakers, we believe very strongly that we should be providing a platform for our local gems. The idea of Show & Tells emerged as a way to hear about local projects, client work, success stories. In 2018, we did our first Show & Tell with Jeff Ballard of the Local Artist.



Our stated mission statement as an organization is to “Make the community better. By making designers better.” One of the ways we were to live up to that mantra was with the Idea Fund. With the generous support of our sponsor Mac Doctors, we were able to provide $1,000 grants to two designers who had a project ideas improving their communities. This years winners were Alison Raaen (Sioux Falls coloring book) and Brianna Olson (Vermillion Children’s Mural).



This is not an AIGA event, but we are a participant. A great asset to the Sioux Falls community, Design Week provides a diverse collection of events that ranges from graphic design to architecture to art to community projects. This year our Idea Fund winners presented their projects as part of a Pecha Kucha.



Our newest event is what we call Agency After Hours. It’s a happy hour, office tour, and open house. For our first event, the design community invaded Lemonly. Our hope is that this bridges that gap between designers at different organizations and celebrates the great businesses we have in town.



Lastly, I thought I’d leave a little plug here to follow AIGA SD on one or all of our social accounts. This is partly self-serving because I spend a lot of time daily seeking out and sharing creative work to inspire you and incite conversation. I was looking back at all the stuff I posted, and was proud of it. Just as inspiring the second time around.

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2019 and Beyond

2018 laid a pretty good foundation for 2019. We came up with 12 events throughout the year with a very limited budget. If you’d told me that at the beginning of my tenure on the board I would have been thrilled.

In 2019, we’ll use those established events as the backbone while supplementing with new exciting things on tap.


  1. Drink & Draw (12)

  2. Show & Tell (2-3)

  3. Agency After Hours (2-3)

  4. National Speaker (1)

  5. Gallery Show (1)

  6. Idea Fund + SF Design Week (1)

  7. NEW!!! Print Shop Tours/Vendor Vendor (2-3)

  8. NEW!!! Group Trip to Minnesota Design Camp (1)

  9. And more…

Help us fill in the blanks.

What projects or stories do you want to hear about at Show & Tell?

Who do you want us to bring to town?

Does your agency want to host an After Hours?

Are you a print shop, sign vendor, or other business that serves designers?

How else can AIGA provide value?

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions, about any of this questions, send AIGA SD a message (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram) or reach out to me personally.

~Andrew Brynjulson is a Sioux Falls-based freelance designer and art director specializing in logo, web, and brand design. He often writes about art, design, marketing, and business. Share your thoughts, @BrenniFresh.

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