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The websites of Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2019


A collection of the homepages…just for fun.

Image from Fast Company

Image from Fast Company

Fast Company just released its list of 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2019. Check it out.

Whenever lists like this come out, I find myself not just reading the profiles, but studying brands behind the headlines.

I can’t help it. That sort of discovery and competitive analysis is something I do on autopilot. How do their logos stack up? Websites? Photography? Messaging?

This time, I took the time to take screenshots of all of the websites to share with you. It’s admittedly weird and unfair to take a tiny sliver of a company’s brand and compare apples to oranges in a thumbnail grid. But isn’t it fascinating to see them all in one place.

Take a look and see what you see.





~Andrew Brynjulson is a Sioux Falls-based freelance designer and art director specializing in logo, web and brand design. He often writes about art, design, marketing and business. Share your thoughts, @BrenniFresh.

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