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South Dakota Stamp Show


As a celebration of our fair state, AIGA South Dakota invited 13 graphic designers to contribute to a show all about South Dakota's people, places, and icons. Each designer chose a South Dakota topic and designed a series of postage stamps within that theme.

I chose South Dakota Birds as my theme to score points with my wife who is a big “bird-nerd.” She assured me that the 5 birds we chose were the most appropriate and had very detailed feedback about how they looked, the environment they should be shown in, and the official names for each bird. That’s what it’s like to have your wife as your art director.

The show featured work from me, Dan Dismounts, Tim Murray, Alison Raaen, Molly O'Connor, Kristi Wire, Marisa TenBrink, Brady Holm, Kirstie Wollman, Joel Jochim, Brianna Olson, Carly Ribstein, and Tom Bates.


~Andrew Brynjulson is a Sioux Falls-based freelance designer and art director specializing in logo, web and brand design. He often writes about art, design, marketing and business. Share your thoughts, @BrenniFresh.

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