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Sioux Falls Bank Logos


A collection of local bank logos…just for fun.

Wells Fargo announced an updated logo as part of a larger brand campaign that kicked off in January 2019. It’s more of a revision rather than a rebrand, and seeks to make the identity, colors, and illustration more versatile in the digital environment.

WellsFargo Redesign.png

In the spirit of new logos, I thought I’d see how Wells Fargo fits in the local bank landscape in Sioux Falls. I do this with all my logo projects: an audit of the competitive landscape to avoid duplication and reveal “whitespace” that your brand can own. It’s fun to see who the players are, who are bright spots are, and who the blemishes.


So, in no particular order, here are the banks that operate in or around Sioux Falls.



~Andrew Brynjulson is a Sioux Falls-based freelance designer and art director specializing in logo, web and brand design. He often writes about art, design, marketing and business. Share your thoughts, @BrenniFresh.