adidas Originals

S23 Originals Supershoot Art Direction


In 2022, I was brought into to work on the overarching creative strategy and visual direction for the 2023 adidas supershoot. Originals is the classic adidas brand, made for fashion and culture.


AD: Andrew Brynjulson

CD: Danny McNabb

Photo: Ryan Young

Photo: Marcus Smith


Creative Direction

Art Direction



Man squatting down in front of graffiti wall. Headline says Step Outside yourself.
Man in adidas shirt sitting under an umbrella at a sidewalk cafe
two print ads each with a woman on the sidewalk. One says Find your stride. The other says step outside yourself.
woman in blue adidas tracksuit posing in front of green hedge wall.
man in white adidas tracksuit posing in front of green plant wall
Man posing in an alley with white adidas athletic wear
Print ad with man in white tracksuit. Headline says find your stride
Woman posing on sidewalk with pink fitness clothes and and long blue overcoat
Woman sitting on the top of a phone booth
Woman pretending to use her shoe as a phone
Woman in white tank top and yellow shorts posing next to a house
Three instagram posts

Find your stride.