When I'm not working for you, I'm working for me.




In 2020, I was listed as one of GD USA's 20 Responsible Designers to watch.

This distinction was largely due to the fact that my personal projects tend to be larger in scale and focused on a social good component.

For example, a fictional soccer team that raised COVID relief funds. A clothing brand that contributed to Feeding America. Or a transit app that increased access to public transit.

Momma Goods

Coming Soon

Kick in the Pants

A weekly newsletter that curated 3 cool things to inspire.

Local Gems Clothing

A clothing brand to help me fall back in love with my home state.

OMG Transit

A transportation app that combined real-time bus activity, car sharing, bike sharing, and more into one interface.

Sioux Falls FC

A fictional pandemic football team to fill the void