Patrick Mahomes

Launching the Mahomes 1 Impact FLX trainer


Patrick Mahomes is one of most exciting players in football. So when adidas created his turf trainer, it had to be as creative and innovative as the player. Adidas tasked my team with building a creative strategy to bring the 5 colorways to market.


CD: Danny McNabb

Photo/Video: Preston Smith

Photo: Ryan Young

AD: Andrew Brynjulson

Prod: Resin


Creative Direction

Art Direction



Patrick mahomes sitting on stadium steps at chiefs stadium

Time rules everything for Patrick, and his brand, 2PM, is a tribute to it. He puts in the time off the field and controls the time on the field. He cherishes family time and is generous with his time in the community. These pillars inspired five unique colorways each with its own distinct color palette and styling.

grid of shoes
Mahomes in red training gear dropping back to pass in chiefs stadium
Mahomes posing in black training gear that is Black Panther themed
Mahomes posing in gray training gear at a playground.

Our task for this campaign was to build a visual language for the creative. Based on this strategy, we captured photo and video, and built design guidelines for how to bring the campaign to life.

Grid of pages from guidelines documents

Essential to the visual strategy were three key visual principles that helped express the relentless drumbeat of time. Repetition invoked the cyclical, iterative process of innovation. Blur and motion obscured the lines between real and unreal. And layering created depth while providing focus in composition.

three instagram images
Mahomes outdoor billboard with red trainers
Mahomes walking in parking garage in Black Panther training gear

It's 2pm. It's time to work.