NHL Winter Classic

2023 NHL Winter Classic at Fenway Park


The NHL Winter Classic brings the nostalgia of outdoor hockey to the iconic Fenway Park where a classic rivalry, steeped in tradition plays out on the biggest stage. We helped adidas establish a creative direction that leveraged the unmistakable architecture and natural vintage patina of the stadium to transport us to a world where hockey, history, and nostalgia unite.


AD: Andrew Brynjulson

CD: Danny McNabb

Photo/Video: Michael Quiet


Creative Direction

Art Direction



Back of Bruins hockey jersey showing Winter Classic patch

The minute you walk through the gates of Fenway, you feel the weight of history.

Fenway park grand stand
Fenway park outfield scoreboard
dark moody photo of the underbelly of fenway park

So it was obvious to us that we needed to shoot in a way that was reverent of the past. Warm, rich tones. Tactile. Celebrating every knick and scratch the stadium has seen over the years.

Model in Penguins jersey sitting in seats
Model in Bruins jersey posing in stadium
Model with Bruins jersey standing in the tunnel leading out to the stadium
Model in Penguins jersey posing behind the scoreboard
Penguins and Bruins models together
Close up details of Penguins jersey letters and numbers
Close up details of Bruins jersey letters and numbers
Model in Penguins jersey sitting in baseball dugout
Penguins and Bruins models posing near scoreboard

Our hero film centered on a Fenway groundskeeper, an old-timer who was witness to the past and could usher in the future. He literally opened the gates to the Winter Classic.

Penguins and Bruins jersey floating in front of Fenway Park grandstand with Winter Classic logo overlaid
Key frames of hero video shot around Fenway park.