Bala Footwear

A foundational identity for a footwear brand designed specifically for nurses.


BALA makes footwear for nurses by nurses. Founded by a team of working nurses and experienced Nike vets, the brand exists to deliver comfort and performance to those who care for us on our hardest days. I joined a team of freelance creatives that worked with Bala from the very beginning. From naming, to identity, to packaging, and ongoing marketing.



Identity Design






CD: Andrew Osborn

AD: Andrew Brynjulson

PM: Kevin Fuller

The core insight at the base of the Bala brand was that nurses strike an "impossible balance" everyday. Clean and messy. Hard skills and soft skills. Late nights, early mornings. Our visual system was developed as a way to celebrate that contrast by making the messy beautiful.

Since Bala shoes are purpose-built for performance, it was important to develop a way to communicate about the unique technology. Each feature had it's own iconography, naming, and technical language that helped prove that Bala was part of the nursing world.

BALA destroyed their pre-launch projections and continues to outfit nurses for the messy days ahead.