Invisible Network

An anonymous job search platform taking bias out of hiring.


Invisible Network started out as an experiment in making the job hunt a better experience. The website lists talented people looking for new jobs in the tech sector. But the list is anonymized to protect their privacy and reduce bias in the hiring process. For employers, the service gives them access to the people they actually want to hire, since generally, the best people already have jobs. Match made in heaven. Literally.


Identity Design

Art Direction

Web Design


Des: Andrew Brynjulson

PM: Matt DeCuir

Illo: Ry Macarayan

Some rebrands are a revolution. This was an example of an evolution. What started as a generic "node/network" icon, downloaded from the internet, became something more meaningful with a little restructuring.

The website had to communicate with two different audiences: job seekers and employers.

It's difficult to separate a person's best, hire-able qualities from their age, gender, race, ethnicity, or anything else that might lead to unconscious bias. The initial attempts were cold, default avatars. So I enlisted the help of illustrator Ry Macarayan to create a system of unique, customizable characters that could hint at the person behind the profile without betraying their identity.

The Invisible Network represents a more unique and fair approach to hiring.