Mighty Ducks

30th Anniversary of Disney's Mighty Ducks


Disney and adidas teamed up to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Mighty Ducks film franchise. The collaboration enabled athletes and tastemakers to become superfans of the iconic rivalry between the Ducks and Hawks. We provided the creative direction and captured photography that tapped into nostalgia that modern fans never got to live.


CD: Danny McNabb

Photo: Vince Sirico

AD: Andrew Brynjulson


Creative Direction

Art Direction





Seeding Kit

Image from Mighty Ducks movie of team on the bench

The capsule collection bridged the gap between those who lived through the Mighty Ducks moment as it happened and those who are experiencing it now.

Collage of Mighty Ducks movie images

We paid homage to the Championship game with a pair of rival fans, one Ducks and one Hawks, squaring off in the arena to rep their squad.

Woman in Ducks jersey and man in Hawks jersey
Woman walking in Mighty Ducks jersey in hockey arena
Hawks player in arena

A vintage hockey environment, a 90’s color treatment, and movie prop artifacts threw fans into the world of the Mighty Ducks.

Three mighty ducks instagram posts
Ducks and Hawks jerseys in a trophy case
Three mighty ducks instagram posts
Mighty Ducks movie cast posing

Fly together.