UP2U Nutrition

A company that normally purchases brands, decides to launch one of its own.


The owners of Siggi's, Stonyfield, and President cheese used their extensive knowledge of dairy protein to bring their own clean, performance protein to the market. They call it UP2U. When they first reached out, they had an amazing product, but felt they could better tell the story. I assembled a creative team to help them develop a brand worthy of their product.


Identity Design

Brand Strategy









AD: Andrew Brynjulson

CD: Andrew Osborn

PM: Katlyn Daoust

PM: Kevin Fuller

Photo: Kickturn Studio

Video: Kickturn Studio

The problem initially was that their brand lacked focus and meaning. So, rather than trying to exist for everyone, we helped them speak initially to a more specific audience that truly cared about recovery: endurance athletes.

UP2U came to us on the verge of launching their brand with an existing identity and packaging system that wasn't up to standard. We pushed through a rapid redesign of everything from the logo, to packaging, to marketing materials. The result was a cohesive and impactful visual system that worked with the strategy.

In the world of direct-to-consumer marketing, we knew it was important for the brand to have a strong perspective on content. We worked with Kickturn Studio to capture photo and video to serve as the foundation of marketing efforts.

On an ongoing basis, we worked with the client to develop consistently produce engaging content that balanced inspiration and education.

Recover today. Tomorrow is waiting.